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Let’s face it, it’s a rat race… Modern family life is complicated and chaotic. They’re having difficulties keeping their family organized and on the same page. Smartphones and the tablets of the world are excellent and have done great keeping things in sync individually. However, they are isolating devices and might look like this. Hang HuddleFly on your kitchen wall or family room and start sharing your family calendar:

A dry-erase board is not a solution because it constantly runs out of space and the ink has bad odor! You might have been in a position where you have missed your son’s soccer practices, daughter’s piano recitals, dentist appointments, milk, and taking their dog to the vet. Well that can get frustrating to keep your family in order. Well, this is exactly why we created the “patent pending” HuddleFly device. It is not a smartphone, laptop or a TV, it fills in the void between these devices to be able to hook up to the Internet and display information that you can share as a family or a team. It can be hung on a wall or can be plugged into a TV. It works as a dynamic magnetic dry-erase board that never runs out of space!

Best of all, it can be configured with your mobile phone, so you can control it from anywhere! HuddleFly is truly your family portal! A non-isolating, non-distractive group device that has tons of meaningful and productive features to cope with the ever changing modern world. You can obviously add, delete or customize, to your groups taste.

HuddleFly Google Calendar Option gives you the following great advantages for your homes or teams:

  • Ideal for home or office teams. Conveniently connects family and team activities
  • Synchronized with Google calendars with color-coding abilities
  • Great for families with busy schedules to share information between family members
  • Extremely helpful for seniors with memory problems

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