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Note: You can configure HuddleFly either via iPhone app or on the website ( There is no power button for HuddleFly, but rather a hard-reset button (factory reset) when pressed for 5 seconds.

  1. Create a HuddleFly account. You can use any email or login with Google or Facebook. Remember this email since you will need it in step#8. If you used an email to register, make sure you verify your account (Check SPAM folder for email from
  2. Connect HuddleFly device to any monitor/smart tv with an HDMI slot. Or if you have a monitor with a DVI slot, you can use a DVI-HDMI adapter.
  3. Turn ON your monitor & connect HuddleFly power. To power, you can either use the USB slots within your monitor/smart tv or the supplied power supply (HuddleFly works with 2V/1.5amps power supply).
  4. HuddleFly creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot for configuration, be within 15-30 feet for a strong signal & follow directions on the monitor until the screen says: “5 Steps to connect HuddleFly to your Wi-Fi network.”
  5. On your iPhone go to Settings->Wi-Fi and connect to “HuddleFly” hotspot.
  6. On the iPhone a browser automatically launches. On a PC browser, simply go to
  7. Choose “Wi-Fi Connection” or “LAN Connection” button. If you picked Wi-Fi Connection, choose “Wi-Fi Network” & click “Connect”.
  8. Enter your Wi-Fi password & HuddleFly account email that you created in step#1 & click “Submit” & follow the messages on the monitor.
  9. Once HuddleFly successfully connects to your Wi-Fi, it will display a random QR code & a short URL.
  10. Scan the QR code or enter the short URL to Add your new device. You are all set & ready to send commands to HuddleFly! Please visit to get a head start on how to use HuddleFly.

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