Why every family needs to have HuddleFly in their homes

Why every family needs to have this device in their homes:

Everyone knows in your family what everyone is doing in your house. What birthday party are we attending this weekend? Whose recitals are we attending? What soccer family are we going to? Do you think we will have soccer practice based on the Weather forecast? What events are happening in my local neighborhood? If your interest is running, then what races are in your areas that you can attend? What concerts are coming in your neighborhood that you can enjoy with your family? How often do you read local news and discuss its content your family? Won’t you want to display your kid’s childhood photos from your Facebook album on his or her birthday event?

Display an encouragement message or a group wishes to your family members whether it be a birthday or an important math test?

Or track your favorite stocks and educate your kids and get them a head start about financial future?

Won’t you want to take a selfie without a selfie stick? Say your family lives in 4 different continents and want to know the right time to call them? Won’t you want to know their time as of now?

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