Activity Sensor (optional)

The optional Activity Sensor functionality will require you to purchase the additional Motion Sensor hardware for $19.99 from the buy products page. Once HuddleFly is connected with the motion sensor, you can control the status of the display monitor based on motions. HuddleFly uses the PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor) to detect objects motion in its …

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Configure HuddleFly

Note: You can configure HuddleFly either via iPhone app or on the website ( There is no power button for HuddleFly, but rather a hard-reset button (factory reset) when pressed for 5 seconds.

Create A New Account

Creating a new account with HuddleFly is easy. If you are using the app, you can simply click on “Create an Account” and follow the prompt. If you have Google’s Gmail account or Facebook account, you can simply click on the Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook.

Device Commands

In-lieu of Device/Display Settings, you can control HuddleFly device further with the Device Commands function. You can Turn ON/OFF the display monitor, Switch between HDMI/DMI monitor displays, Reboot HuddleFly or Change your Wi-Fi password or HuddleFly email account. Simply pick the selected option and click the “Send” button.

Device Health/Info

Device Health/Information function provides information about the health of the HuddleFly device. Wi-Fi Config Page

Once HuddleFly finishes creating its Wi-Fi hotspot, (i.e. when you see this screen on your TV or Monitor). From your mobile phone or PC or Mac, you can simply open up a browser and go to to configure your Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi configuration page should look like as shown below: Page shown on your … Wi-Fi Config Page Read More »

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